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Are you sensitive and do you have a sensitive child ?

Would you like to understand them better and help them understand themselves?

Would you like to support them i accepting themselves and their gifts?


Come journey with me through a guided story meditation. 

In this process you and your children will meet your sacred tree - which will give you insight into how they feel in the world right now.

  • Meet your power animal - which will help you understand them and help them understand themselves.

  • Meet your guides and angels that watch over you. They will help them feel supported and trust their intuition.

  • Journey with the fairies to understand the chakra system. Understand where they feel and what it means about what they are experiencing.

  • Journey into past lives to learn more about who they are.

  • Journey to overcome a fear and learn to conquer fears to stand in confidence.


Access a private Facebook group where you can share and receive feed back and insight. 

Live introduction class to understand the process and how to make the best of it.

Cost : $120 upfront or 6 payments of $33 per week over 6 weeks.

More details coming soon.