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The Healers Journey 

Healing Through the Guided Shamanic Journey Process           

 Do you take on the energies of others?

Do you sometimes feel oversensitive?

Do you uplift others then feel drained afterwards?

Do you have strong intuitive knowings about people and events?

Do you have dreams that come true? 

Do you see beings and energies others cannot see ? 

Are you the one everyone comes too, to feel better ?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this process is for you! Learn to understand your empathic and intuitive abilities and how to ground them in a positive way and not be victim to what you feel. 


It's time to step up and stand in your power!


It's also a great tool to add to your healers belt if you work with others.

As an empath, clairvoyant, and channel, Lesley has seen and felt things her whole life. Shamanism resonated with her as its an experiential process. Its a process of connecting with your spirituality directly and finding your own answers to your life and process. 


You will learn how you truly see, feel, hear and know things, what it means, how to understand your own energy, how to retrieve lost energies, clear energies and how to heal your life, and through doing so you will better support others.

Lesley longed for a teacher her whole life, someone who could explain what she was seeing and experiencing, and so she developed this course to support others.

This is an opportunity to receive guidance and support in standing in your own intuitive power, unfolding your true gifts and allowing them to support you on your path in life.

Here's what Lesley's students have to say:

"I've been blessed to hone my journeying skills for almost two years now with the incredibly gifted and talented Lesley also Shaman, Healer, Seer, Life Coach, Naturopath, down-to-earth, call a spade a spade, humorous soul, with a big heart and authentically devoted to helping bring success, happiness, and healing into people's lives."


Leone - Special Needs Teachers Assistant.

“I loved this course! Lesley's guidance and insight was next level. I discovered so much about myself over this time while building on each new skill. I am so grateful that I found her! I would recommend this course to everyone. Actually I think I have! Lol."

Nic - Naturopath and Massage Therapist.


This is an online process where you can be supported in the comfort of you own home. Learn about shamanism and how you can use it as a tool in your life to gain guidance and support.

This is a guided shamanic process to teach you about your intuitive gifts and how to expand them.

Lesley's passion is to empower you with the insight into your own gifts and how to work with energy, understand the different energetic realms and how to navigate them.

The journeys are guided and each have a different intention.


Lesley guides you through the journey like a guided meditation, to gain insight into your guides, power animals, different realms of energy and how to grow and expand your intuitive energetic gifts.

This online process gives you access to the 6 weeks of course material on teachable, where you can go through at your own pace.


The 6 week course is an "Introduction to Journey Drum Meditation".  This 6 week course is a pre-requisite to the 6 week "Healers Journey" Course.  You will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can share your journeys, ask questions and connect to a supportive group of peers.

What's involved?


We will journey to your sacred tree to see what your life and energy looks like right now.

You will meet your power animals and guides, see your Chakra system, journey to a past life and finally journey to understand how to overcome blocks in your life. You will then move on to healing techniques and how to connect with spirit teachers and how to clear energies and retrieve energies needed.

You will start with one journey a week that you will practice several times and share your experiences in the Facebook group. You will be given insights into the symbolism of what you see, hear, smell, feel and know. You will learn to understand your clairvoyant and psychic capacities. You will also be able to identify areas of your life you can work on and belief systems that may be holding you back. 

Lesley has had great success teaching people to understand themselves and the different energies that we face as sensitive spiritual beings.


To cost of each 6 week course is $250.  If you are wanting a payment plan we can help you with that as well - each 6 week courses will then cost you $270 each and will comprise of 3 x $90 payments to be complete within 3 weeks of signing up for any of the courses.  Please email Lesley for details.


                 First 6 weeks                               Second 6 weeks

Course Curriculum

Each week will have either a video recording or a voice recording guiding you through each journey.  There are PDF files you can download that will go through the questions about each journey, with some explanations of what type of journey you have had.  Don't forget to sign up to the private Facebook page to share your experience and get insight to what else your journey means.

Introduction to Journey Drum Meditation

Bonus: Welcome and Introduction with a copy of Lesley's popular Ebook on animal Symbolism valued at $25

Bonus: Grounding and revitalizing Journey

Week 1: Journey to your Sacred Tree

Bonus: Journey to your Sacred Tree Stories from other students


Week 2: Journey to meet your Power Animal

Bonus: Journey to meet your Power Animal Stories from other Students


Week 3: Journey to meet your Guides

Bonus: Journey to meet your Guides Stories from other students


Week 4: Journey to clean your chakra's with the fairies

Bonus: Journey to clean your Chakra stories from other students

Bonus: Video showing you how to physically clear chakras


Week 5: Journey to a past life in Atlantis

Bonus: Journey to Atlantis stories from other students


Week 6: Journey to Success

Bonus: Journey to Success stories from other students

Once you have done the introduction course you will have access to the second 6 week course where

we step into more healing modalities including soul retrieval.

Healers Journey

Week 1: Journey to find your Four Directions

Bonus: 30 min Shamanic Drumming for you to journey by yourself


Week 2: Journey to an element in Nature

Bonus: Video on how to energy with selenite


Week 3: Journey to meet a Healing Master


Week 4: Journey to help lost souls shift to the light

Bonus: Discussion on Soul Rescue 

Bonus: An example of someone with a lot soul in their energy

Bonus: Journey to help lost souls shift to the Light


Week 5: Journey to retrieve an animal or element for self or another

Bonus: Energy exercise to retrieve an element or animal for someone


Week 6: Journey to Retrieve Lost Soul Aspect

Bonus: Lesley has Journeyed into 2021and will share with you the energies


                    First 6 Weeks                                Second 6 Weeks

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