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I am excited to present my new Animal Spirit Helpers E-book with 110 animal messengers and a recorded journey to meet your power animal.

What messages are the animals bringing you?

Through the guided shamanic journey process you will discover your power animal and what messages and lessons they are here to bring you in this life time. 

We are lucky to be surrounded by animal messengers everyday. Discover the hidden lessons each one has to offer. 

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The Healers Journey - 6 week course

Join Lesley for a 6 week course where you will learn more about the shamanic journeying process and the different energies that surround you. This course is perfect for all you sensitive souls and empaths and an excellent tool for developing your intuition and psychic capacity. Through the course you will be able to identify and heal areas of your life that might be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Follow the link to find out more.

Coming Soon

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Are you sensitive and do you have a sensitive child ?

Would you like to understand them better and help them understand themselves?

Would you like to support them i accepting themselves and their gifts?


Come journey with me through a guided story meditation. 

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Coming soon to Journey Drum

Are you a nutritionist, naturopath, herbalist or body worker looking to expand your intuitive capacity? 

Learn how to connect to your higher guidance and bring spirit into your business.

Register your interest in Lesley's new course where you will learn to,

  • understand the different energies you connect with as a natural health practitioner 

  • clear and balance energies for yourself and clients

  • connect with your higher guidance and trust your intuition

  • develop your own intuitive and psychic capacities

  • understand how we can better support our clients spiritually



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